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Jeep Cherokee Chief Store is a small Swiss company founded by a passionate Chrysler Jeep Cherokee Gladiator and Wagoneer which aims to rebuild and market spare parts extremely rare and not found for a quality restoration.

Tips for the Classic Jeep Restoration Project

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Brooks Stevens designed the original Jeep Wagoneer SJ in 1962 as a replacement for Willys' utility wagons. It surpassed expectations. No other 4X4 featured automatic transmission and independent suspension at the time. 

Later, Jeep changed the name to Grand Wagoneer in 1984.

Tips for the Classic Jeep Restoration Project

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Jeep cherokee Chief S 1978

Jeep cherokee Chief S 1978

Every jeep lover has the dream to find the perfect Jeep for restoration. Not only will they have their own customized Jeep they personally built, but they are able to restore it any way they want. Although, restoring an old Jeep is a detailed, time-consuming process, the end result is worth all of the hard work. Of all the major aspects in this restoration work, the most demanding part of the project is tracking down all of the rare parts that many old Jeeps require, but some accept it as a challenge and find that this part can add to the fun of the restoration project.

Get Access to Resources

Before initiating work on your restoration project, it is important that you get in touch with a reliable parts dealer who may have all the necessary parts in stock or they may know where to get them. The next important thing is to decide how your Jeep will be used once the project is completed- will be used as everyday vehicle or will you use it on rare occasions. Making this early decision will help you to customize the Jeep with your personal needs in mind. Again, there are many dealers around who offer many after-market pieces that your restoration project might require.

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Generally, it is not very easy to locate Jeep body parts, as there are many different types and varieties available. To name a few, the body parts may range from fenders, body mounts, grills, battery trays and the list goes on. You can also go for genuine parts or the more inexpensive generic parts, considering your budget or the nature of restoration you want for your Jeep. Costs for these parts will vary invariably with the age of your Jeep, however getting them from a trusted dealer will keep the prices low. You can also find many after-market dealers available online, and their prices are highly competitive. When purchasing Jeep body parts for your restoration project, it is important that you do some research to find the best product available.

Replacing Engine

Once you are done with the body of your Jeep, the next step is to work on the engine. To have this important part of your Jeep running at its best, it is essential that you replace any engine parts that are worn. This can include replacing filters, belts, pistons and spark plugs. This step is unavoidable because replacing engine parts will ensure that your Jeep runs as good as it looks. Some engine parts can be costly, especially when it comes to older model Jeeps. When you have access to the right resources, you receive thebest parts available for the price you are willing to spend.

You can add many after-market accessories to your Jeep as the restoration progresses. These include bug shields, mounted lights, roll bars, steps and all of these are available in variety of

finishes to embellish your Jeep. Anything you imagine to restore can be possible with perfect planning and right access to accessories. During the restoration process you may also discover that your electrical system also needs replacement. In order to do this, you may have to update the ignition switches, modules and coils. Replacing and updating these parts will ensure that your Jeep runs to the best of its capability.

Finally, when everything is done right, the end result will be a Jeep that you are proud to own and have restored yourself. This is a million dollar feeling that you may feel upon the completion of a restoration project. All the time, money and effort spent were well worth it and you are the proud owner of your own customized fully restored Jeep vehicle.

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